Dealing With Anxiety: ADHD In Adult Relationships

There are many things to take into consideration when it comes to making a relationship work. The first lesson that every person needs to understand is the fact that each person has quirks, which make him different from those surrounding him. If you truly love someone, you will have no problem with these quirks or any other issues that may arise in the relationship. Otherwise, anxiety will only build up in the union to the point that you will grow distant from your lover.




At the same time, a relationship may also be full of challenges and struggles along the way. The reality is that these issues are not apparent during the early stage. These concerns usually come out after the honeymoon stage of a romantic partnership. In this article, our focus will be about the presence of ADHD in adult relationships. What should you do if you find out that the love of your life has Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder?


“It’s a good scenario if someone does have a supportive partner, so they can work together in a positive way to address the disorder,” Steven Safren, PhD. Take note that this disorder is not supposed to bring you apart from each other. Instead, you have to look at it as a reason to be closer to one another. Keep in mind that the condition of your partner may bring up stress, anxiety, and frustrations in the relationship. Do not fret or worry because there are tons of things that you can do to make things work despite the presence of these negative emotions.  According to Dr. Dorothy Stubbe, a board certified child and adolescent psychiatrist and Associate Professor and Program Director of the Yale Child Study Center’s world-renowned psychiatry program, “Adult ADHD tends to have less hyperactivity and more of a feeling of restlessness, but difficulties with focus and attention and organization remain.

Below are the smart tips to remember:


Educate Yourself About ADHD


There is no easier and better way to handle the situation than to teach yourself more about the ADHD condition. The more you are knowledgeable about attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, the faster it would be for you to adjust in the relationship. You have to understand the different signs and symptoms so that you can act quickly in difficult situations. Fortunately, it is already convenient for researchers like you to obtain information through mental health sites like BetterHelp. Make sure to verify the sources before believing what you read.


Know Your Role In The Relationship


Be mature enough to identify your role in the romantic union. Now that you are aware of the presence of ADHD in your partner, it is time to assess how you can help him handle the disorder. Take note that there are a lot of symptoms, which are not under his control. It means that some of his actions may be involuntary to the point that you will become too stressed or anxious to function. An excellent way of preventing this from taking place is to know how you can help the other person. Be responsible for assuming the role of not only his partner but also his confidant and friend, whom he can trust with his ADHD-related issues. But “usually, couples can make their lives better and recapture some of the joy and romance that might have gone out of the relationship,” says psychologist Arthur Robin, PhD




Prioritize Effective Communication


The presence of anxiety, stress, and frustrations in a particular relationship is not an indication that the union is weak and has to fall. Instead, you have to look at is as a sign that you need to be a little closer and more honest to your partner. Exert efforts in making sure that you communicate at all times no matter how busy you are. Do not forget to let the other person know how much he matters in your life before it is too late. Remember that having effective communication can help a lot in solving your anxiety and stress issues with one another.


Spend More Time Together


Never let the other person feel that you do not have time for him. Keep in mind that he needs all the love and attention that you can offer. As much as possible, make it your number one priority to spend quality time with your partner despite having a hectic schedule at work or in your business. It can be challenging to balance these things, but you have to consider it if you want the other person to be happy. Be grateful for every opportunity that you get to enjoy with your loved one. All it takes is to continuously make him feel that he comes first above anything else.




Always take note that staying in a relationship is always a choice. You have to make deliberate efforts to make the union work, especially in such a case where the person you love has ADHD. You can get through this.