Be An Aggressive ADHD Parent


My son’s developmental pediatrician attended the 2018 Pediatric ADHD Conference and she gave me valuable information about the topics discussed in the event. Actually, she is my best friend and I am just so happy that she can help me out with my son.

Of course, like any mother, I was in denial. I would not accept it when the teachers at my son’s school told me that he has to be assessed by a development pediatrician for a potential hyper activeness, attention, and focus issues. They were a bit vague since they cannot say bluntly without diagnosis that my son has ADHD or Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. The teachers were not specialists for them to tell me what my boy was going through, but they were hinting. And I did not like that one bit. I was “Damn you all! Who are you to judge my son’s play methods?”

Eventually, I brought him to my best friend because the school talked to me and told me that if he will be assessed, they will sail him through the first grade. His grades were flunking and true, I wanted my boy to pass.


They were right and I was wrong. My son had a behavioral condition and it had to be addressed immediately. Sheena, my best friend, the child doctor (as I call her) assessed my son closely and told me, “Momma, he has ASD with ADHD symptoms. And I have seen it before. Remember, I told you about it?” But I could not remember and that was it for me – I call it “blacking out” and I did not care. But the truth is now, my best friend, the specialist and the child doctor, is telling me that my son has a behavioral disorder.

Is it a mental health issue? Yes, it has a connection with mental health since his behavior is extra normal. And so, I said do whatever that needs to be done for him to correct his behavioral issues. There was occupational therapy, educational therapy and speech therapy. That was in 2018 and 2019. Now, my son has improved so much and is functioning as expected.