My Prayers For My Son With ADHD 

I love my son very much, and I always pray that God’s blessings, guidance, and protection be upon him always, especially at times when we are not with him.  




My son has a mental condition called attention deficit disorder, and because of this, he requires endless hours of caring, teaching, helping, protecting, and encouraging so he may not miss out on life to experience what it is like to be a regular child.

According to clinical psychologist Monnica T Williams Ph.D., “children with ADHD have difficulty focusing on all but the most engaging tasks, are easily distracted, and need greater stimulation to maintain attention.”


Power Of Prayer 



Often, because of the stress brought by the challenges of having a child with ADHD, most parents like me miss out on the most significant resources God has given us, that is prayer.  Prayer allows us to know that we are not alone in this journey.  It is when we are on our knees that we can be ourselves, vulnerable and helpless children.  And it is also the time that God empowers us again and sustains us to keep the strength, be understanding, and to love unconditionally as we lead our children to be the best of who they are. “For all intents and purposes, we cannot cancel out our feelings,” said Fredric Neuman M.D.


Things I Pray For   

  1. Wisdom.  I claim what is written in James 1:5 that whoever lacks the wisdom should ask God, and He will give it generously.  This prayer is for me, my husband, his siblings, our relatives, and the people who my son will meet in his life. I pray that they may have the wisdom to know when and how to speak with my son and when to be silent.  No one should be judging anyone with a disability for they do not know what he is going through.  But only speak words that can build him up and be helpful to him so he may be encouraged to go on.  


  1. Discernment.  I pray that one day my son will have a perspective and purpose as he comes to understand why God made him special.  God will help him see every challenge he will face through God’s eyes, that love will overpower his impulsiveness to hurt others unintentionally.   I pray that he will not feel lonely when he is alone by having the knowledge that God loves him and is with him no matter what. 


  1. Self-worth.  God created my son with the knowledge of ADHD.  He has a reason for making it so, and I pray that God will give my son the chance to accept his beautiful individuality because he is secure in God’s love as he feels treasured and protected.  Let him know that his self-worth is not in his accomplishments or in things he is unable to do, but in discovering the wisdom to think before he does things that he wants to accomplish.   


  1. Protection.  Praying for my son’s welfare emotionally, physically, and spiritually will keep him away from harm and accidents especially at times when he does things without thinking of the consequences first.  I pray that God will make him strong and courageous when facing danger and will set right all biases and discriminations.  Knowing that God assigned his angels to watch over him is the only safe place I know that can shelter my son when we are not around.  I believe that God will defend and preserve him to overcome his impulsive actions.   


  1. Discipline And Self-Control.  Only God has the power to calm even the most chaotic seas and soothing my son’s unbalanced mind through discipline and self-control is never impossible.  Growing in God’s grace with the knowledge of who Jesus is, creating in my son an obedient heart that he may listen to our instructions.  God will forgive him for throwing tantrums and will help him understand and practice ways to control them.  I always pray that God will channel his hyperactivity to make him productive.   May he be able to speak in peace and love when he feels uncomfortable and out of control.  




Above are some of the things we can pray for our children with ADHD – because they too are children of God that He created in His image.

As what Adi Jaffe Ph.D. said, “Medication is not the only way to address ADHD problems.”