Points To Remember From The 2014 Florida ADHD Therapist Conference

The points taken from the 2014 Florida ADHD therapist conference were essential to remember not only for the therapists that were present but also to the parents and guardians of ADHD individuals. In the classroom setting, ADHD students are encouraged, instead of inhibited, to do physical movement, as this helps them learn their lessons easier. Foot tapping and leg swinging are movements that are vital for these students to practice regularly. Experts emphasize that it’s not giving them the freedom to move around the room, but just to help them control their movement and be able to increase their cognitive activities.


Source: stateofformation.org


With regards to ADHD students’ homework, doctors suggest that work volume should be lessened and should be maintained to almost the same number on a regular basis for consistency. The purpose is for them to instill focus and self-regulated learning.

Teaching activities that promote self-confidence aids in developing what we call autonomous functioning. This also encourages them to have a stronger drive to thrive academically and avoid feeling anxious, depressed, and worried.

Below is a list of other study skills that can also help ADHD students to retain more of their lessons and get higher grades in school.

  • Create a routine for your student, one that he can follow easily as per time and lesson plan.
  • Reinforce with tutorials from other teachers if needed.
  • Take short but frequent breaks. Let him play a short game or talk to him first about anything that he’s interested in.
  • Study in a quiet location where he can focus. Also, it would help if the area is organized and clean.
  • Figure out the time that your student is more awake and alert, so he can absorb what he is studying.
  • Use a stimulating kind of study technique, like letting him underline or highlight his book to stay awake while studying.
  • Give rewards for getting his lessons or papers done on time.


Source: en.wikipedia.org

It is important that your ADHD student is happy while you are doing study time. Always find time to show him that you are setting rules for him because you want the same thing – progress for him.