Pandemic And ADHD – Judgments In The World I’m Living In

It is quite disappointing that some people think that having ADHD during this pandemic is a disaster. That no matter how they try and think about positivity, they often believe that people like us with the condition won’t make it in a day. It is not that alarming, but quite hurtful though. Yes, we may be struggling with some mental health issues, but we are confident that the emotional aspects are all the same with those individuals who don’t have a mental condition like us.


When other people think about ADHD, impulsiveness often comes first in their minds. Well, not that it is not correct, but some interpretations during this pandemic are not that true. Others assume that we get to feel pressure ten times more that we don’t think about our actions and responses anymore. Honestly, we do know what we are doing. It is just that we can’t control ourselves sometimes, especially when we feel too anxious. But who else doesn’t? I mean, most people struggling during this time acts impulsively. These people do not think through their decisions and rely on quick feelings too.


Poor Time Management Skills

For individuals with ADHD, time management is quite confusing and hard. I certainly agree that people with a mental condition like us often fail to prioritize tasks and sometimes fail to handle their obligations. But in this time of the pandemic, people with ADHD are not the only ones prone to those unhealthy skills. Normal individuals without mental condition also suffer from a lack of self-esteem due to their inability to handle their time properly. It is not only us that live in a world full of uncertainties. So there is no sense in looking down on us just because we suffer from a mental illness.


Low Frustration Tolerance

Another disappointing thing is when people make us feel that we are overreacting about everything. That our condition is something that they can laugh about because they think we are not in control. Well, at the point of controlling our mood and reactions, they might be right. But for the majority of all individuals in the world, I can pretty much say that they also have low frustration tolerance during this time of the pandemic. People experience a lot of financial, emotional, physical, and mental issues that break them. So that means low frustration tolerance is not limited to us people with ADHD only.


Hard To Control Behavior

Perhaps this is the worse time for us with ADHD because others look at us as unreasonable individuals. As much as we want to behave generally as others do, there are limitations to what we can offer due to our mental health condition. When people tell us that we are unreasonable for not paying attention, having trouble focusing, and disorganizing, they are correct. However, that doesn’t mean we don’t listen. That doesn’t mean we intentionally want to present behaviors they dislike. Honestly, we can function and concentrate.


Can’t Handle Relationship

Sadly, for most people, they view individuals with ADHD in a very hurtful way. Most of them assume that because we have ADHD, we are no longer capable of being in a relationship. And that our mental condition is locked in psychological learning disorder that overlaps mental incapacity. But that’s not true. Yes, we encounter some problems with our relationship due to our behaviors, but we are still capable of loving and caring.

There are quite a few individuals with ADHD who might fit into other people’s descriptions. But I encourage everyone to learn more about our condition before handing out their judgment. If regular counseling does not work for you, you can always try talk therapy through BetterHelp. It may help you sort your thoughts and emotions better than talking to loved ones.