Anxiety In Children With ADHD 

“It’s no secret that we live in an increasingly uncertain world — be it politically, socially, or environmentally speaking,” says clinical psychologist Broderick Sawyer, PhD. Anxiety is something you assume that only adults can experience. However, in retrospect, anxiety is prevalent in children too. Toddlers and younger kids are susceptible to this kind of mental illness due to certain factors that trigger it. Some examples of these factors are social interaction, environmental toxins, emotional adjustments, behavioral approach, and even psychological imbalance.




Anxiety And ADHD

“It is actually very common for kids with ADHD to have problems with anxiety,” said psychiatrist Steven G. Dickstein, MD. One way that anxiety shows up in children with ADHD is when they experience the turmoil of emotional pressure. It can be due to physical demands, emotional neglect, or constant and excessive behavioral dysfunction. When kids seem very agitated, their anxiousness reaches a high level of unsettled state. From there, they lose focus and concentration. In some unfortunate scenarios, the mental condition slowly deteriorates children’s brain development, further damaging their channeling senses due to sensory overload.




Anxiety in kids with ADHD is formidable and what’s causing this mental condition is tricky. Countless times, it creates an irritable and unpleasant feeling. It hinders children from learning, having fun, getting along with others, and doing enjoyable things. There’s an up and down emotional confusion that ends up in total damage to children’s overall development. Sometimes, when a relatively adverse outcome becomes present in a specific situation, medication and professional help become too demanding.

ADHD, Anxiety, And Their Relationship

Scientifically, anxiety is a neurotransmitter issue that experiences a genetic glitch. It makes children vulnerable to specific problems with mental and emotional toxins. It puts them at risk of having imbalance chemicals in the brain. Aside from the condition of ADHD, anxiety seems to go beyond belief. Most of the time, children’s perception of just looking at the window becomes frightening, talking to a stranger becomes threatening, and spending time with family and friends becomes overly exhausting. That’s because mental conditions bring out children’s negative immune response to the things that surround them.




For those children with ADHD, what they need is calmness. Never dismiss or play down your child’s anxiety. When they complain of a stomachache or headache in the morning before school, they’re not faking. The pain they feel is real, and may require clinical treatment.” This is the hopeful message of psychiatrists Perri Klass, M.D., and Eileen Costello, M.D. There’s a complete requirement for the remedy of their anxiety issues. However, the process is not easy and can become quite complicated over time. Children who need to deal with this mental condition might not adapt well in the process. Honestly speaking, deep breathing, physical, and mental exercises might presently not be enough. So addressing the anxiety disorder in kids with ADHD should undergo a transition that only mental health care professionals can administer.

Anxiety In Kids 

The level of children’s anxiety tends to go up as they get older because the uninteresting ways of severe adjustment are possible to happen. They might suffer from a sleep disorder, fear of closed spaces, isolation, and depression. In some unfortunate events, even the symptoms of their ADHD can become worse.


Anxiety in kids with ADHD is somehow different from ordinary people. It is not just about the fear of something, but it is the anxiousness that children experience without apparent reason. Depending on the severity, there is a need for medical assistance so that kids, along with their parents, can entirely understand what is going on.